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    • LearnGo has been the key to unlocking our team’s full potential by delivering tailored training programs that align with our business goals.

      Anna - HR Team
    • Running a training center, LearnGo stands out as the ideal solution, providing an intuitive and customizable platform that caters to the diverse needs of our learners.

      Jakob - Head Of Trainings
    • I am amazed how easy it is to manage and provide a personalised learning for each client. Thank you LearnGo team.

      Dr. Maciej - Trainer - AI expert

    Frequently asked questions

    Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

    What is LearnGo?

    LearnGo is an all-in-one Learning Management Platform designed for SMEs, schools, NGOs, coaches, course creators, training centers, and healthcare centers. It streamlines the creation, management, and tracking of training programs, offering full customization to align with your brand.

    How does LearnGo benefit different industries?

    LearnGo adapts across industries, including training centers, healthcare, SMEs, NGOs, and schools. It revolutionizes workforce development, fosters educational excellence, empowers impactful learning, and transforms employee training, ensuring compliance and excellence in healthcare training.

    How can LearnGo assist trainers and coaches?

    Trainers and coaches can benefit from LearnGo's streamlined course creation with personalized learning paths, AI assistance for analytics, and robust tracking tools. It's designed to save time, engage learners effectively, and monitor participant progress effortlessly.

    What challenges does LearnGo address for schools?

    LearnGo addresses challenges in fragmented content management, lack of interactive tools, and inefficient collaboration among educators. It centralizes educational resources, enhances the learning experience, and fosters efficient communication and course management.

    How does LearnGo support NGOs?

    NGOs can overcome barriers to organizing diverse knowledge resources with LearnGo. It provides an affordable solution for impactful programs, quick implementation, and ensures valuable work reaches the audience promptly.